Buy license for Linux version only

i3DConverter is a very powerful product, and you can purchase it very easily. Once you have registered it, you remain a licensed user for this and all future versions of i3DConverter. There is a functional difference between the trial and the registered (licensed) version of i3DConverter. In case of using the following modules, the exported 3D file will have every 5th polygon or triangle removed.

Here is what you get with your registration:

1. A serial number (by e-mail) to enable all functions.
2. Lifetime license! You will never have to pay again for any new versions of i3DConverter! This is not a limited offer, this is our philosophy.
3. Technical support, so if you have any problems, you can contact us and we will help you.

Every registration enables us to improve our existing products and continue developing high quality software in the future.

Discount on multiple (volume) licenses, a degressive rate is applied when you purchase several licenses (for the same name).

Number of licenses

Unit prices

1 license

Unit price: 50 USD or 40 EUR

2 to 4 licenses : 30% discount

Unit price: 35 USD or 28 EUR

5 to 9 licenses : 40% discount

Unit price: 30 USD or 24 EUR

10 licenses : 50% discount

Unit price: 25 USD or 20 EUR

How can I register ?

Online over the Internet:

When you click the Purchase link you are connected to PayPal where you can buy the license key which will unlock all the features in i3DConverter.

Payment transaction is secured and uses HTTPS and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to transfer your data securely.

PayPal ID:

PayPal ID:

Purchase 1 license for 50 USD Purchase 1 license for 40 EUR
Purchase 2 licenses for 70 USD Purchase 2 licenses for 56 EUR
Purchase 3 licenses for 105 USD Purchase 3 licenses for 84 EUR
Purchase 4 licenses for 140 USD Purchase 4 licenses for 112 EUR
Purchase 5 licenses for 150 USD Purchase 5 licenses for 120 EUR
Purchase 6 licenses for 180 USD Purchase 6 licenses for 144 EUR
Purchase 7 licenses for 210 USD Purchase 7 licenses for 168 EUR
Purchase 8 licenses for 240 USD Purchase 8 licenses for 192 EUR
Purchase 9 licenses for 270 USD Purchase 9 licenses for 216 EUR
Purchase 10 licenses for 250 USD Purchase 10 licenses for 200 EUR
When your order is processed (within 48 hours, as soon as possible), you will receive a 'i3DConverter R.' email message that will include your product serial number and detailed instructions on how to register the program.

Please note that the email will be coming from Therefore, you may wish to check your Junk Email filters to ensure that the Product Register email message will not be blocked.