Features of i3DConverter
Automatic file format recognition.
Automatic polygon checking and repairing function during (scene) loading.
Batch converter module with detailed object statistics and texture export function.
Bone and vertex bone weights support (not for all modules).
Drag and Drop support (to load object).
Fast import and export process.
Fully dynamic memory allocation, so the program only uses as much memory as it needs.
FullScreen FireMonkey 3 rendered interactive object viewer with mouse wheel support.
Material per polygon support.
Material editor.
Multiplatform ASCII file loader technology.
Options /for general, view, colors, import, export, tools/.
Premium styles.
Storing and processing the vertices as double precision.
Storing and processing the faces as n-sided polygons.
Wireframe / Color wireframe / Flat shaded / Gouraud shaded / Textured rendering mode.
Functions / Tools
Functions / Tools Menu Toolbar icon Hotkey
Auto rotate View - CMD-R
Batch converter File - -
Calculate areas and volumes Tools - -
Calculate vertex colors from face colors Tools - -
Delete scene UV maps Tools - -
Display the scene area and volume values on the toolbar Tools/Options/View - -
Draw vertices Draw CMD-V
Draw wireframe Draw CMD-E
Draw color wireframe Draw CMD-D
Draw flat shaded Draw CMD-F
Draw gouraud shaded Draw CMD-G
Draw textured Draw CMD-T
Flip scene UV map vertically Tools - CMD-U
Folders tree on/off - -
Geometry transformation Tools - -
Invert object face orientation (Object and material selector) - - -
Invert scene face orientation View - CMD-I
Detailed bone information (right click on the Bone* line) - -
Detailed material information and material editor (right click on the Material* line) - -
Detailed object information (right click on the 3D Scene* line) - -
Object, material, bone selector on/off - -
Options Draw CMD-O
Quick material information View - -
Quick object information View - -
Quick polygon statistics View - -
Save as (model) File -
Scale to fit - -
Show bones Draw -
Show grid Draw - -
Show light Draw - CMD-L
Show object bounding boxes Draw - CMD-B
Show object gravity points Draw - -
Show scene axes Draw - -
Show scene bounding boxes Draw - CMD-S
Show scene gravity points Draw - -
Show vertex normal Draw -
Unwrap UV Tools -
Mouse based view navigation
Function Mouse button Description
Rotate scene Left Rotates the scene by clicking the left mouse in the graphics window and dragging up/down or left/right.
Zoom scene Right Zooms the scene in or out by clicking the right mouse in the graphics window and dragging up or down. If the mouse has a wheel, the wheel will also zoom.
Pan scene Left Press the Shift button and "Drags" the scene around with the mouse (left/right or up/down).
Pan scene deep Right Press the Shift button and "Drags" the scene around with the mouse (left/right or up/down).
Pan light Left Press the Ctrl button and "Drags" the light around with the mouse (left/right or up/down).
Pan light deep Right Press the Ctrl button and "Drags" the light forward or backward with the mouse (up/down).
Keyboard based view navigation
Function Key button Description
Pan scene Arrows Press the arrow button to move the scene (left/right or up/down).
Supported texture file formats
Extension Type
ACT/RAW 24 bits (4x4 Evolution)
AEI compressed (Abyss Engine)
BDS compressed (Ferentus, Herrcot, Xiones)
BMP 8,16,24,32 bits
D2S compressed (Scions of Fate)
D3D9_TEXTURE compressed (Legend of Grimrock)
DDJ compressed (Joymax /Silkroad Online/)
DDS compressed DXT1, DXT2, DXT3, DXT4, DXT5
DDS uncompressed 16 bits (R5G6B5, A1R5G5B5, X1R5G5B5)
DDS uncompressed 24 bits (R8G8B8)
DDS uncompressed 32 bits (A8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, X8R8G8B8, X8B8G8R8)
DXT uncompressed 32 bits (Hero Online)
DXT compressed (Hero Online, Knight Online)
EDV compressed (Lune of Eden)
EGO EGO Engine (Toybox Turbos)
I3I iCube Engine (Point Blank)
JIT compressed (Aika Online)
JPG 24 bits
PCX 8,24 bits
PIC uncompressed 24 bits (Romancing Clannad)
PNG compressed 24, 32 bits
PPM uncompressed binary 24 bits
PTE compressed (Star Stable Online)
QTX uncompressed 24, compressed 32 bits (Tales of Fantasy)
RAW 24 bits (Live for Speed)
STF 24 bits (3D World Studio)
TEX compressed (Avalon Heroes)
TEX compressed (Fear 2: Reborn)
TEX compressed (Titan Quest)
TEX compressed (Trials Fusion)
TGA uncompressed 8 bits color index
TGA uncompressed 16,24,32 bits
TGA compressed 8,16,24,32 bits
TGA.CKD compressed (Child of Light)
WYS compressed (With Your Destiny)
*_COL, *_COMP compressed (EA Sports MMA)